Cold Shower Enhancer

Cold Shower Enhancer

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CSE is a fantastic tap water cooling system to assist in the most efficient cold shower exposure. It requires only an additional shower hose of desired length and a few standard rubber washers... and, of course, about one bucket of ice cubes (two third of which you can re-freeze after your shower and re-use the following day)...

The starting temperature is between 0-1C, rising to a few degrees during an up to 7-8 minutes cold shower. It has been thoroughly tested for a few months and works very well, virtually maintenance free.

There is a recent small addition to the new CSE model, which raises the price only slightly. It is a reinforced pvc tubing inside the CSE, a connector, and another piece of reinforced pvc hose outside. This is ready to use but not as efficient as it will be when we introduce compressed carbon dioxide to cool and mix the ice with water. The CO2 addition will be a complete breakthrough but will require most certainly a solenoid valve to control the pressure... or something else, easier to use, which we are going to test very soon :-)

Each order is usually very specific and individually tailored to requirements so please read the attached Q&A sheet carefully. If you have any further questions, drop us an email at the contact details below. Please note that the colours of the CSE might (and will) vary!

Especially for those who would like to take the CSE for holidays, here are the approximate dimensions and weight of the CSE: 48x25x41cm @ 5.12kg. The ice cubes' load worth is about 1 bucket of ca. 8-9kg and you can refreeze about 6-7kg of it for the following day's re-use.

Also, please include the Postage & Packing (Shipping & Handling) fee--Great Britain: ca. £15... EU: ca. £20... United States: ca. £50... Australia & New Zealand: &70... for other destinations, please contact us.

Payment options (please include the P&P - S&H fee as stated above)

1. Cash on Collection, especially when you attend one of my UK workshops, as you can save £10 this way :-) not to mention the P&P (S&H) costs;

2. If you prefer the ease of use of PayPal payments, you can use this PayPal link; please be aware of PayPal charges so, e.g. if you want to transfer £170, you would have to add about £7 on top of that; as means of somewhat outdated guidance use this link and add between £1.50 and £2.50;

3. Bank Transfer: Aristos Consulting Ltd, 7 Sheeplands Lane, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4BW, United Kingdom; Sort Code 09-01-51, A/N 93873184; for international transfers, please try to avoid this option as you will be charged by your bank; moreover, our bank might also charge us, depending on the selected option, which could mean additional charges of even £30 in total!

4. You can also use Transferwise. The address and bank account details as above.

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