What is Aristos Tropos?

Aristos Tropos‘ is the ‘Best Way’ (or ‘Optimum Way’) of living, in Greek. It comes from Plato, one of the most important and at the same time most influential Ancient Greek philosophers. In our understanding, Aristos Tropos is a therapy and training, and conditioning, aimed to achieve all of the following benefits:

  •  Better quality sleep pattern
  •  Immense amounts of energy
  •  Improved immune system and health
  •  Increased sports performance
  •  Reduced stress levels
  •  Better cold tolerance
  •  Faster recovery
  •  Enhanced creativity

Our tradition is definitely a Western yet inextricably intertwined with the best what the East has on offer. Trained personally by Wim Hof (the Iceman), we are Level 2 certified instructors of Wim Hof Method, one of the most revolutionary and innovative comprehensive training and therapy regimes. Yet, we combine the WHM with Kriya YogaTai Chi and HIIT to bring even more sustained best health and elevated good mood, relentless focus and mindfulness, happiness and strength… Check out our YouTube channel for a brief snapshot of what we can offer or just jump direct into our online shop to learn more.

And we also combine the aforementioned training with advice on intermittent fasting, social, dietary and hygiene advice…

Is Aristos Tropos for everyone?

Aristos Tropos is truly for everyone and the spectrum of our students include professional athletes, fitness and yoga instructors, ordinary people and people with health conditions. Please check the Testimonials tab as well as the Success Stories one to learn more about the efficiency of our training. Also, have a look at our Aristos Tropos YouTube channel… especially, if you want to get moving!

Would you like to get in touch or become an affiliate?

Should you wish to discuss your personal circumstances or become an affiliate member, please use our shop’s Contact Form (where you can also email or phone us direct) and we will try to reply as soon as possible. 


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