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So, as you have enjoyed the previous two parts, here is the last one… and I am truly sorry for the time it has been sitting in my drafts when I had no time to finish it off.

When we got back from Batumi, we still had quite a few nice one-day trips ahead of us, and the first one was visiting Mtskheta.

Beautiful Mtskheta
… and another one.

The good thing about writing this picture blog is that I can share whatever I still remember but the truth is that our holidays in Georgia were so diverse and interesting that there are parts of it I don’t remember very well, at least my memory fails if it comes to names of places, especially in Georgian. Part of it might be the famous Georgian wine to blame… 🙂

You can view most of our pictures in the gallery below and this is just a small preview.

Moving fast forward, our next very interesting trip was to get as close as possible to Mt Kazbek.

This is our son in front of the Holy Trinity Church

To get there, you can either walk or take one of the 4×4 cabs that are suitably equipped to get you almost anywhere. Walking might have been also more dangerous because of heavy 4×4 traffic so the wisest option was to use the cab… which took us to the Holy Trinity Church, as pictured above.

So, I guess that was quite another great week or so… Unfortunately, the last one! Have a look at the galleries below as they definitely show the real Georgia!

If you would rather prefer to see the gallery in a in an un-embedded new tab or window, please click HERE for Mtskheta and HERE for Mt Kazbek. This displays the gallery in a much nicer and easier to view way 🙂

If you like the lovely pictures, share freely with others on Facebook or other social media, and hopefully you also like the following parts of our Georgia adventure… Watch this space!

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