Well, a bit long-winded intro of ours now leads to one of many of our passions, which have been there for quite a number of years, namely coffee science. As with yoga, the saying goes that yoga is experiential, the same applies to coffee: it is not merely enough to study the science, philosophy, etc. but you have actually to experience the taste, smell, touch… and the idea is the more you know and the more you engage in the process, starting from buying single-origin direct-trade green coffee beans and then roasting them to a precise set of parameters, the more we understand and the more we enjoy our coffee…

The truth is that for the food (or drink) it is barely enough to be healthy… it is equally or even more important to be enjoyed and this is not only about the taste, smell but also about the social aspect, state of the mind.

To cut the long story short, please allow us to present to you… the first on our list of āhāra, which is the coffee (also decaf) beans we enjoy to roast and prepare for you! All varietals we currently roast (or have roasted) are available in our shop (if not, please let us know so we can make sure you receive what you need).


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