Aristos Tropos Training, Workshops

Please book your place at workshops or training courses, or buy a Cold Shower Enhancer, by visiting our shop page.

Whether you represent just a group of 6-12 people who would like a day workshop, or an institution, company with a hundred or more people willing to get to know what this revolution is all about, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Wim Hof Method as taught by Aristos Tropos has incredible impact on every aspect of life, including lower gas and electricity bills, less sickness leave days, and much, much more… Feeling is understanding so until you really try it, you would probably not be able to understand how powerful this is.

As we are based in Sherborne (Dorset, United Kingdom), we run the most workshops specifically targeted at the South West of England, yet we also conduct training sessions in other parts of the UK or abroad.

Group training (3-12 persons) or individual training can be booked separately and organised in other parts of the World. Please do not hesitate to email us for an enquiry! We can offer good discounts…

At the moment we do Saturday or Saturday-Sunday workshops but if you feel that other days might suit you better and if you can find a group of bright and daring individuals, do get in touch and we might flexibly arrange a suitable workshop for you. The workshops will usually start between 10-11 am and last approximately 4-5 hours. The cost is dependant on location and includes a whole lot of attractions, having great fun and discovering your great potential you have probably never dreamt you would find in yourself!

So, if you are serious about your health, well-being and want to feel and understand yourself better, let the fun and healthy life begin!

The whole list should be available in our shop page, although please get in touch with us, if you cannot find any specific training.

Get more ideas on what to do in Sherborne and around on the Sherborne Travel Guide.

Documents for Workshops and Training

All Wim Hof Method workshops require their Certified Instructors to provide the trainees with both a Health Declaration and a Liability Waver Form. If you are a prospective trainee, please print the linked documents out, sign them and bring to the WHM workshop with you. If possible, as soon as possible, please scan the filled in Health Declaration and email it over to us at the address provided in the Contact section below. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Last but not the least, here is a link to our Cold Shower Enhancer, a product that we use and test every morning, and which provides everyone with an ice-cold shower experience… Extremely simple yet powerful, easy to maintain and very environmentally friendly… It only requires about 2kg of ice cubes every day, which amounts to a Coca-Cola plastic bottle of ice… And here is the link the the CSE’s Questions and Answers document! Please do get in touch, should you wish to have one built for you!