What is Wim Hof Method?

In a similar vein to ARISTOS TROPOS, WHM is quite a revolutionary approach to training, conditioning and therapy.

Wim Hof Method focuses on three pillars: breathing, cold exposure and commitment… and that is just the nutshell. Each pillar needs to be explained separately and the best way to understand them properly and very precisely is to attend a WHM workshop with experienced and internationally certified instructors, like ourselves, to get you into extremely important details about how this all works, as well as answer specific questions, etc.

Yet, just to give you an idea…

  1. WHM breathing is usually a set of a few rounds of deep breathing, with each round followed by an exhale and retention (technically speaking: suspension rather than retention); according to the WHM 10-week course, after the breathing physical exercises (very much alike yoga asanas) are performed;
  2. Cold Exposure is exposing yourself to any means of cold water and ice, usually of temperature between 1C and 12C. Cold Exposure can also be exposure to cold air, especially for prolonged periods of time, as well as cryo-chamber therapy, yet exposure to cold gases has completely different and less pronounced effect on human physiology (about 150 times less effective due to much lower heat permeability;
  3. Commitment is Focus on longer time consistent training; Be-Here-And-Now and develop the similar attention to yourself and the process of training.

Wim Hof Method has been introduced and developed by Wim Hof and has been extensively tested by quite a lot of followers, instructors and by scientific researchers. Having practised WHM as part of Aristos Tropos, for many years, we can authoritatively say, it brings a lot of great health benefits to anybody.

Please read on more about the Wim Hof Method in the Science section below, as well as in the Media one. And, most importantly, please do not forget to book your place at any of our workshops in the United Kingdom and around the World.