Cold Shower Enhancer (Small)

Cold Shower Enhancer (Small)

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*** Please note that from now on we have two models of the CSE, a big and a small one! Here is a link to the bigger version ***

Also, since United Kingdom has left the EU, any purchases from outside of the UK might incur customs charges. You are an importer of goods and therefore we cannot be held liable for these charges. Please bear that in mind prior to placing your order.

CSE is a fantastic tap water cooling system to assist in the most efficient cold shower exposure and this model has been developed for more restricted spaces. Although it's load would not allow the ice-cold shower to last as long as with the 'Big Brother', for most people the compromise is actually an excellent thing. Well, you can always re-load (or ask someone to reload the ice) after 6-7 minutes but usually that wouldn't be necessary :-)

This smaller model is actually more difficult to make as it is much trickier to fit almost the same hardware inside a smaller container (and apart from the coil part, all other components remain the same).

As with the bigger model, it requires only an additional shower hose of desired length and a few standard rubber washers... and, of course, about one bucket of ice cubes (ideally some ice cubes mixed with home-made crushed ice, as shown in our YouTube channel video; and about half or more of the ice you can re-freeze after your shower and re-use the following day)...

The starting temperature is between 0-1C, rising to a few degrees during an up to 4-7 minutes cold shower. It's bigger version has been thoroughly tested for a few years and works very well, practically maintenance free. This model is no different, just it's load lasts about half the time of the bigger sibling.

As part of our R&D, there there has been a small addition to the new CSE model, which has raised the price only slightly. It is called a Gas Diffuser Module (GDM) and although it could be considered optional, we include it as standard (mainly for future-proofing purposes) and it would be up to an individual to use it or not, especially in the beginning. The purpose of the module is to allow for mixing the water with ice so that the temperature of the shower water is very stable at 1-3C for the duration of at least 4-7 minutes.

Each order is usually very specific and individually tailored to requirements so please read the attached Q&A sheet carefully (the sheet is shared between both available models so please discount the info in terms of performance to the smaller brother). If you have any further questions, drop us an email at the contact details below. Please note that the colours of the CSE might (and will) vary! Please note that the colours of the CSE might (and will) vary! Here is a downloadable and printable link to the CSE leaflet.

Especially for those who would like to take the CSE for holidays, here are the approximate dimensions and weight of the CSE: 42.5 x 24 x 23cm (the last dimension being the height, the middle one is the depth which does not include the handle of ca. 2cm) @ 2.48kg. The ice cubes' load worth is about half a bucket of ca. 4-6kg and you can possibly refreeze about 2-3kg of it for the following day's re-use.

Water usage: about one quarter or normal shower usage.

Also, please include the Postage & Packing (Shipping & Handling) fee -- Great Britain: ca. £15... EU: ca. £20... United States & Canada: ca. £60 (+£20 for remote locations)... Australia & New Zealand: &70... for other destinations, please contact us.

Payment options (please include the P&P - S&H fee as stated above) and select from the drop-down list or from the below stated options

1. PayPal payment... easy and straightforward;

2. Cash on Collection, especially when you attend one of my UK workshops, as you can save £10 this way :-) not to mention the P&P (S&H) costs;

3. Bank Transfer: Aristos Consulting Ltd, 7 Sheeplands Lane, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4BW, United Kingdom; Sort Code 09-01-51, A/N 93873184; for international transfers, please try to avoid this option as you will be charged by your bank; moreover, our bank might also charge us, depending on the selected option, which could mean additional charges of even £30 in total! This option will also save you £10!

4. You can also use Transferwise. The address and bank account details as per payment option no. 3. Should you select this option, select Bank Transfer from the drop-down payment list. This way you can also save £10!

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Dimensions (cm) 42.5 (width) x 24 (depth) x 23 (height) (depth which does not include the handle of ca. 2cm)
Weight (kg) 2.48
Water usage about one quarter or normal shower usage.
Ice load requirements (kg) ice cubes' load worth of ca. 4-6kg and you can refreeze about 2-3kg of it for the following day's re-use.

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