What is a Cold Shower Enhancer?

Quite simply put, a CSE (as we call it) is a very efficient device to assist anyone in need of ice-cold showers to achieve the goal within a few minutes of preparation… This is, obviously, what Wim Hof Method calls for but since WHM is part of Aristos Tropos, we also offer it here!

To get the ice-balls rolling, you will additionally need about a bucket of ice of any sort, which is pretty easy to make at home, when you cut a few plastic bottles in half, fill the bottom half with water and place put them into one of the drawers of your home freezer… It is that easy!

The latest Gas Diffuser Module (GDM) adds more power to the CSE, and it is extremely configurable as you can use your own breath to blow the air in, you can use a hand blower, a compressed gas cylinder (eg carbon dioxide), an aquarium air pump, an electric air pump, or any of a huge variety of air compressors! Obviously, the last mentioned option is the most powerful one and will render your outflow water temperature at a constant 2-3°C for the duration of about 10 minutes… that is with the inflowing water temperature of about 21-22°C!

Each CSE is made to order so if you want to purchase one, have a look in our shop and just place your order to get us moving!

We will let you have a lot more information about the CSE, how to start using it, how to fine-tune it to your particular needs, etc. We will also let you know how to produce the required amount of ice over the period of 24h in your freezer drawer, so very cheaply and efficiently! All of this is soon to be published either here or, most probably, in posts on our website. So stay tuned!