Making Ice at Home

Making ice for cold exposure can be a daunting thing to do… especially if you want to produce a lot of it! And you normally need quite a lot if you want a full body immersion.

Quite easily, if your bath container is 360 litre wheelie bin (which is one we use most often for full body immersions) and the cold water temperature is about 20°C, and the ambient air temperature is 25°C, then in order to stay put in the ice bath for a few minutes at about 5-7°C, you will need at least 30 kg of ice. If you accidentally have a bigger container and the water and air temperature are even higher, then… well, there is no way you can make it at home, unless you would like to spend a lot, and I mean a lot on an ice maker machine. That is, obviously, if you want to have full body immersions every day…

Another option, already utilised and explored by us for some time, is buying a chest freezer that could accommodate you… and it is a very good option, until it lasts. Our chest freezer started to corrode inside after less than a year of daily use. On our attempts to rescue it with frost-resistant base layer and swimming pool coat, it just stopped working… That is where we started to develop a completely different and much more robust solution, a Cold Shower Enhancer!

With Cold Shower Enhancer, you only need about 10kg of ice and this you can easily make yourself in your home fridge-freezer, obviously in the freezer compartment!

Here is a link to a short video on youtube on how to produce ice at home every day. Read the whole description on with the video so that you understand it completely.