News & Media

Wim Hof in the media, as well as some available photos, slideshows and videos from workshops and/or training sessions can be accessed from this section.

For introduction to the WHM, go to the ‘Wim Hof Method’ section above.

Wim Hof in the Media

Wim Hof has been a subject on a number of web podcasts, television programmes or shows. Here is a link to numerous media shows as listed on the Wim Hof Method Platform.

Workshops and Training Sessions

We aim to document our sessions as completely and accurately as possible. The amount of evidence is dependent on whether we have got a skilled assistant to provide the necessary services… Here is one of the slideshows from the photos taken some time ago. A very good example of how a regular WHM workshop looks like! Or, as mentioned earlier, here is a link to another slideshow from a WHM workshop.

Here you can find a link to our channel on youtube, with the nearly complete section of our routine warm-up exercises, as many of our students requested. Also, there is a link to an instructional video on how we advise to take cold showers, or specifically ice-cold showers with our Cold Shower Enhancer (CSE).

Here  is a link to our Aristos Tropos Facebook profile, should you wish to be in the loop of social media means.