Weekly and Regular Classes

The path of Yoga Kriya.

Our weekly yoga classes, very closely following the tradition of Śri Krishnamacharia (and TKV Desikachar), are recurring ones with their main on-going aim of Yoga Ćikitsa (yoga therapy).

The tradition is founded on the teachings of Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali, nearly 2500 old compendium of knowledge on yoga, as well as on a handful of extremely important other texts, predating or postdating Yoga Sūtra by a few or more hundreds of years. It is not bound to any religion, neither Indian or any other, although it is equally neither anti-religious nor agnostic, or atheistic.

Although in practice Yoga Ćikitsa is only possible on a 1-2-1 basis, the majority of individuals can initially benefit from a non-tailored approach of yoga classes. At times we would like to suggest a 1-2-1 teaching/mentoring to certain students when we strongly feel they might benefit much more from a strictly therapeutic approach.

As yoga is holistic, the classes do not focus on any specific limb (añga) of yoga but follow the path of Yoga Kriya (yoga of action as given by Patañjali), using all available, useful and appropriate tools and techniques. You can expect physical exercises (āsana), breathing (prānāyāma), including chanting, working with sound and others, always leading to increasing mindfulness and meditative focus (YS 1.2).

According to Patañjali (YS 1.14), yoga should be practised for a long time (dīrgha-kāla), without interrupions (nairantarya), with positive and fair attitude (sat-kāra) and confidence, enthusiasm and respect (ādara). Hence, anyone is welcome to join any of the classes on an ad-hoc basis but please note that only those who persevere and join in for a longer period, will benefit the most and more deeply.

Apart from the above we teach beginners Tai Chi to groups of older citizens to help them maintain better health, including increased mobility, flexibility, mind and body awareness and deep breathing.

We are members of the British Wheel of Yoga and The Society of Yoga Practitioners, the latter being focused around the aforementioned yoga tradition.

All the available learning opportunities are available in our shop. Should you require any specific training, please do not hesitate to contact us.